Help make a house a home

for local children and families in need

Do you have furniture or householditems to donate? Do you have time or skills to help out? Or would you like to help out with financial support? Please join Jij bent to support vulnerable children and their families in The Hague region. Everyone can help!


The test phase of our project is a great success thanks to over 30 donations from the ASH community. With these donations we’ve already been able to support 25 vulnerable children and families to create a home! We are now looking at the form in which we will continue the project in 2020. This means that we cannot accept furniture donations at this moment.


  • About Jij bent

    The world in which we live is becoming increasingly complex. Society demands a lot from children and young people, with rising expectations and increasing stress. This is why we started ‘Jij bent,’ meaning ‘You are’… to help others realize their full potential. Will you help? You are valued and needed!

    We provide direct assistance including social services, in-kind support like household goods to get set up in a new home, and tailor-made opportunities.


Children in the The Hague area who are having problems at home and are getting professional help.


Children in the The Hague area can’t live at home and are living in fostercare or elsewhere.


Young refugees that have found shelter in the The Hague area.

Our friends

Out-of-the-box thinking

Of the thousands of items returned to Decathlon regularly, not all can be resold– for example, if the box is damaged. But they can be turned into new opportunities for young people to play sports or exercise, thanks to a unique initiative from Jerry at Decathlon.
“Some of these returned articles are still very useful,” says Jerry. “So I had this idea to make return items vailable to young people in youth care.” Sports shoes, boxing gloves, bicycles, and many more beautiful things are now finding their way to our youngsters.
  • Jij bent is an initiative started by Jeugdformaat, youthcare organization in the The Hague area. Jeugdformaat offers support to children, young people and their parents if they can not make it on their own.

    These are families who have to deal with complex and multiple behavior and development problems. These problems sometimes mean that children can not live at home anymore. Our goal is to increase future opportunities for these children, young people and their families.



Our team

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